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Five things Germans like in Bulgaria

5 things that Germans like in Bulgaria.
What do Germans like in Bulgaria?

1. Travelers more around the country are delighted with the natural beauty and diversity. A German mountaineer claims that plants that have long since disappeared in the Alps can be found in the Balkans.
The Rila Lakes, the Rhodopes, the beautiful and unconcreted parts of the Black Sea coast, Plovdiv with its history and unique atmosphere, Sofia as a lively and pulsating city - to this very short list German tourists add many more places and destinations.

2. The climate, fruits, vegetables. Appetizers, salads, wine. Foreign tourists are pleasantly surprised by the "Mediterranean" nature of Bulgaria, and tomatoes, peppers, melons and wine, say many of our interlocutors, have an amazing and unfamiliar taste. And all this - at relatively low prices.

3. The majority of Bulgarians are warm and friendly people who talk to you quickly and do not bother you with formalities or suspicion - this impresses most Germans, who are surprised to find that human communication can be very easy and pleasant. Of course, the downside of this quality is the shortening of the distance, which has already been mentioned.

4. "You Bulgarians are meek people," said a good connoisseur of the Balkans, who has before his eyes the bloodshed in the neighborhood and interethnic tensions in a number of Balkan countries. Bulgaria. "Everything here is so peaceful," they say. 5. Finally, a few more related qualities can be listed that impress foreign guests. Bulgarians grit their teeth, fight and help each other within the family and in the circle of friends, says, for example, the above-mentioned Andreas Pozur.
Bulgarians like Europe and are among the ardent supporters of EU membership, recalls a representative of a German political foundation. And a German businessman with long-standing business interests in Bulgaria says: Bulgarians quickly learn to work when they receive good money.

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