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Holiday, vacation in Varna Bulgaria

Tourists are coming back, but they already want different things.
In the post-COVID world, tourists are not what they were before the pandemic, but the world is not the same.   With the removal of COVID restrictions in Bulgaria and other countries, the journey began to resemble what tourists knew before the pandemic. 
After the Scandinavian countries were the first to abandon the requirements for tests and vaccines both at the border and for access to public places in the country in February, they are currently traveling without restrictions to more than 10 countries - Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland , Bulgaria, Austria, Jordan, Kenya, Iceland, Poland, Britain and Ireland, and dozens more are preparing to follow suit. But while restrictions are disappearing, tourists themselves are no longer looking for exactly what they wanted before the pandemic. Not all predictions about the transformation of tourism came true, but some turned out to be right. Before the pandemic, many people cared about the trip itself, not so much the destination.

Now many tourists want to make the trip of their dreams or are ready for the first time to visit distant and exotic destinations. Two years of limitations and uncertainty created the need to add a personal sense of meaning to the trip. "Traveling is no longer just 'going anywhere.' . More destinations and full planes. People are ready to return to heaven. According to the International Air Transport Association, which brings together 300 airlines from around the world, this year the number of people on planes and at airports is expected to be 150% compared to last year.
Tourists are increasingly choosing where to fly - destinations such as Bulgaria Varna, Burgas are ready to open their borders, and falling restrictions are a reason for many to return to international travel. The war in Ukraine, on the other hand, has diverted tourists . Where you have been accustomed to seeing Russians and Ukrainians so far, it will probably be empty may be on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
Rent a car changes car rental Varna Bulgaria
During the pandemic, many large car rental companies sold some of their cars to reduce costs and losses.
When tourists return, this is expected to lead to shortages and high prices for this service. Rent a car Varna Bulgaria prices are steady and cheap . There is no change in car rental prices in Rent a car 5 .

More and more new countries remove COVID restrictions .
Cities are back After tourists searched for isolated places with fewer people during the pandemic, they now need to return to the revitalization of cities. The shops in Varna are already working normally, the restaurants are open until late, and dancing is allowed in the discos, festivals and big concerts are back - the charm of city holidays attracts tourists.

Family vacations with an element of education Two years of distance learning did not work well for either parents or children. And although the holiday is still mostly a holiday, many parents use it to give their children additional non-formal education. Now more families ask what educational centers were around the holiday complex or in oder nearby Varna. Another trend that is likely to remain are special hotel packages that offer day care for children in combination with a suitable place to work, where parents who work remotely can do their job. This mix of children's vacation and non-standard home office for parents helps families shake off the long months of forced stagnation and add variety.

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