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The best low cost airlines

The best 10 budget airlines in the world

When traveling, it is very important that we can rely on our reliable travel and that is why the new world ranking of the best cheap air carriers is emerging. Who said that traveling with low-cost companies -, should it be disappointing?

The truth is that most of the low cost airlines are becoming more like their competitors. Skitratx made the world ranking of the best low costs, based on a comparison of on-board services, delays, loss of luggage and everything related to the flight from arrival to departure to the city center we went to because all of this is the subject of service from the airline we have selected.

Germany's Eurowings, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, ranked 10th in the low cost sector since 2015. It was ranked third for European destinations and fifth for further away.

In the ninth place is the largest airline in Europe, not only the low cost airline, the Irish Rayner, which is well known in Bulgaria and there are flights to and from Bulgaria. The reason for the unenviable position was the case against her hand luggage policy.

Little known in our latitudes, the Indian Indigo is eighth. The seventh is the Canadian WestJet, which has swept the skies for a quarter of a century. Before her is the Australian JetStar, which is a subsidiary of the country's main continent, Cantas. AirEish X is ranked fifth, known for being the world's best Premium.

The world's largest and oldest American Southwestern is ranked at the foot of the honors.
The bronze position in the planetary rankings is for Norwich, which is the second best airline in Europe in other charts. Norwegians have become a strong factor in the air market, especially in Western and Northern Europe.
The British EasyJet, which has been flying for years to and from Bulgaria, is ranked second in the world and first in Europe among low-cost airlines.
The leading position is for the Malaysian AirEisha, which serves 100 destinations and is often used by Bulgarians, especially in the Southeast Asian region, such as between Thailand and Singapore.

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