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The best places, beaches Varna Bulgaria

If we have to compare the Northern and Southern Black Sea coasts, one thing is true - the farther north we go, the wilder and more pristine nature is there, and human influence on the flora and fauna is less. It lacks densely built huge hotel complexes, crowds of beach people, noisy bars and discos and the only thing you can enjoy is the tranquility, the tranquility of yourself and your loved ones - out there in nature.

Having a rental car at your disposal, you can visit any of the recommended beaches Varna Bulgaria and places of interesting. Rent a car 5 Varna has the top car hire prices online. Book the vehicle at the best location for you. Now you have your car, where are you going to go. If this sounds to you like the vacation you are looking for, but cannot decide where to start, we will give you recommendations. Here are our recommendations in the Varna region.
Our favorite places:

1. Kranevo
Only 5 km from Albena is the romantic village of Kranevo. If you are looking for a peaceful place for your family vacation, we recommend the tranquility and comfort of the picturesque Kranevo. There are numerous accommodation options for every taste. And in the extreme vicinity, between Albena and Kranevo, you will find a new modern spa hotel with healing thermal springs - Therma Palace. See the offer for All Inclusive SPA vacation in Therma Palace.

2. Kaliakra Cape

It is located 12 km from Kavarna, the rock capital of Bulgaria. And if you haven't gone there yet, we guarantee it, it's worth it.
There is everything here - beautiful views, a chapel that creates an exceptional atmosphere, a museum with valuable archeological exhibits and a restaurant built on two floors in one of the caves which leads to one of the main alleys and the other leads to the museum.
Be prepared to spend at least about 2 hours to admire the beauty and uniqueness of the place. The museum, which is open daily for visitors from 10:00 to 19:00, also houses the seal of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.

3. Mussel farm, Bulgarevo village

And while you are still in the Kaliakra area, be sure to pamper your other senses at the deep-sea mussel farm, where you can eat delicious fresh, eco-friendly Black Sea mussels grown there. 4. Bolata Bay We can't miss another magical place that has become a favorite of many people. On the north side of Cape Kaliakra is a small bay with a port called Bolata. Here is the only sandy beach in the Kaliakra area, making it an extremely popular and desired destination in the summer.
Remains of an ancient settlement and evidence of life dating back to 400 BC have been found in the caves of Bolata, as well as the Maltese Cross - a testimony to the trade of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom with Venice and Genoa.

5. Balchik
Balchik is one of those places that grab you immediately and leave a stamp in your heart. This place has incredible magic that captivates you at first sight and makes you want to come back again and again. Hire a car Bulgaria Balchik for your holiday, rent a car 5 has the perfect vehicle for you. We will not hide that we fell in love with this beautiful town at first sight, not only because of its exceptional beauty, but also because of the energy that is carried in the atmosphere. The two must-visit sites here are the Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria Edinburgh and the Botanical Gardens, where you will see a unique collection of over 2500 plant species from around the world, belonging to 85 families and 800 genera.

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