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The largest beach in Bulgaria

The largest beach in Bulgaria is Shkorpilovtsi all the way to Kamchia.

Village of Shkorpilovtsi in Varna district is located in northeastern Bulgaria. Shkorpilovtsi is 37 km south of Varna. Shkorpilovtsi beach is near Kamchia. The beach of Shkorpilovtsi is the largest. Shkorpilovtsi beach is the longest with its 12 kilometers, which makes it twice the popular beach of Sunny Beach. It is the widest, reaching up to 120 meters, as if on the ocean. And this against the backdrop of several steps of sand, on which the "tourist flow" on the resort complexes and cities of the native Black Sea coast is accumulating. If you have difficulty to be mobile due to lack of own car, it is always possible to rent a car in Varna from Rent a car 5. Increasingly, families are choosing to rent a car for their vacation. Summer is the most active season for traveling. With your rental car visit incredible places in Bulgaria Varna district.

In general, the closest to the resort is just at the end, where the Moscow municipality is investing tens of millions to build a children's complex. Paid and free zone and camping allow anyone to have the space they like. Luxury, which no longer has beaches in Bulgaria. Apart from bathing, the strip is good for various water sports. Because it is very open, it is quite windy, which in turn creates waves, often large ones, which is exactly to the taste of those who like to cut them with different boards and sails - especially kite and wind surf. Because it also falls within a reserve that combines dunes and longgous forests - essentially the Bulgarian jungle that has overgrown the shores of Kamchia - visiting the beach is truly an experience. And a return to childhood when all the beaches were wild and beautiful.

The village of Shkorpilovtsi is close to the sea capital Varna, within walking distance of the coast. There is a five-star hotel near the beach, but the main are family accommodation, apartments and guest houses, there are bungalows - holiday bases, at super low prices. Especially before July 1, when the summer season begins. Here the northernmost part of the Balkan Mountains sank into the sea. It is possible to visit the remains of a late antique fortress, an early Christian basilica and even part of an old Bulgarian fortress.

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