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Varna information

Varna Bulgaria information
Varna - a port city and a famous resort in Bulgaria. Today Varna is the center of the northern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. The city is the third largest population in Bulgaria, a major cultural and financial center and a major transportation hub of the country. Varna has the largest Bulgarian port. Varna is located on the same latitude as Nice, Marseille, Barcelona. Climate Varna reminds Mediterranean climate with hot, long summers and mild short winter. The average water temperature in summer is around 24 degrees Celsius, the air warms up to 30 degrees Celsius.
North of Varna are the largest resorts: Saints Constantine and Helena , Golden Sands and Albena. Then if you want to go further away from Varna city you can rent a car. It is worth to see Varna region with car hire. Today, many tourists still prefer to travel in Bulgaria hiring a car in Varna. During this trip you will not only see the sights, but also fully enjoy the spirit of the country, imbued with its culture. Distance from Varna to major cities by road: Sofia - 469 km, Veliko Tarnovo - Plovdiv 232 km - 376 km, Burgas - 120 km, Dobrich - 53 km. Varna airport is located 7.5 km from the center of the city. You can simply, quickly and cheap rent a car in Varna Airport from our company.
Pick up your rental car directly from Rent a car 5 Varna. Car rental or van hire is available with us at Varna airport. Compare prices for car hire and save. The city has also a railway station. The railway station is located east of the city centre, close to the Black Sea coast and the Sea Garden. Varna railway station offers train connections to many domestic and international cities. If you need transportation from Varna train station, rent a car in Varna railway station and explore the city and its historical buildings.
There are different international connections to and from Bulgaria Varna (in the summer season there are regular services to Moscow, Saratov, Kiev and Minsk, 2 bus terminal and marina port, serving mainly cruise lines and tourist travel.
Varna offers various opportunities for entertainment, swimming and sunbathing. There are a variety of shops in Varna, the malls in Varna have shops of some of the biggest brands, world-famous clothing and food brands. Local restaurants offer a variety of dishes not only from Bulgarian traditional cuisine. Bulgarian cuisine is quite tasty. Popular dishes include Shopka salad, pie, stuffed peppers, sprat fish, safrid. Today, many tourists visit Varna every year. Some come for the good summer weather, the beaches, others for the historical sights.

Marine Station and Varna Port
One of the liveliest places in summer, Varna's sea station is preferred for walking and relaxation, as well as dinner in the pleasant restaurants and restaurants. Varna Marine Station is part of the port complex in Varna. It is located on "Vylnolomna " Street 1, next to the entrance of the old part of the port - Varna-East.
The Varna Marine Station serves both cargo ships and cruise and liner passenger ships. In 2006, it has served more than 31,650 passengers on domestic and international voyages, as well as 23 large cruise ships with 9,200 passengers. The Port of Varna is located south of the city, on the west shore of Varna Bay (Varnenski Zaliv).

Varna Marine Station has 2 quay seats for cruise ships and a small yacht port managed by the port yacht club "Port Varna". The yacht port offers small boat service and is a regular host and organizer of many local regattas. There are a restaurant, a duty-free shop, a yacht shop and many others. In the area of the Marine Station is the port of the Sail Training Vessel Kaliakra. Kaliakra is a barquentine which has won many regattas.

We recommend you to go to the lighthouse - the views of Asparuhovo, Galata Cape and the northern part of the coast are definitely worth seeing. If you get tired, it's a good idea to sit in some of the restaurants that offer a varied cuisine to everyone's taste.

The panorama of Galata

Panoramic view "Galata" is located about 2 km away from the center of Varna. It is one of the few places where you can go and enjoy not only the beauty of the city, but also escape from the hectic lifestyle of the big city. The view is one of the most beautiful places in Varna. For better visibility to the panorama there are benches and magnets on the site itself.
From the pleasant benches you can enjoy the view to the city of Varna. The location of the panoramic view is on the way to Galata from Asparuhovo quarter in the direction of Galata, with a separate parking lot .

Panoramic view Galata Varna is a place you can not miss, it opens the most beautiful city views that will stop your breath. It is pleasant to visit it during the day when you can see the whole town, the seaside, the sea garden, the cathedral temple monument "Holy Assumption" , the Military Marine University and the beach to the St. St. Constantine and Elena resort. However, the beauty of this place can be best felt at night when the lights of the city are best seen. Close to the panoramic view Galata are hotels and restaurants where you can avoid the hectic lifestyle of the city and enjoy a glass of wine and wonderful views.

Love locks
Lock your love with a padlock
Panoramic view Galata Varna
is a special place for lovers On the rails of the Panoramic view you will see a lot of locks locked with hearts painted on them. 
Love locks symbolize everlasting love. You can also lock your love and condemn yourself in eternal faithfulness to this beautiful place. The place, gathers romantic couples and their symbolically locked love. Hundreds of padlocks of different shapes and inscriptions are hanging on the railing. Apart from a different form, some locking devices are colored and labeled with names and dates.
The romantic padlock lock ritual opens from the Milvio Bridge in Rome for a scene from a popular Italian novel. The love padlock is also an act of initiation, symbolizing bonding forever. The basis of the popular ritual is an ancient superstition, according to which you can protect your relationship from bad guys if you hang a padlock with your initials on a fence or the rails of a bridge. The key is thrown into the water so that nobody can unlock the relationship between two lovers.

Today such a romantic place in Moscow is the so-called. "tree of love" on the Luzhka Bridge. In Kiev - the Vladimir peak near the Philharmonic Orchestra, in Odessa is on the bridge of the stepfather near the harbor. In the capital of Latvia Riga ¬ over a bridge over Daugava. In the city of love - Paris, lovers from all over the world are vowing each other and "lock" their love on the Bridge of the Archbishop. China places a few places on the Great Wall of China. Since it is on land, the key is thrown into the abyss through the wall. It is the same in Taiwan, and there the lovers' bridge is a pedestrian overpass at a station in Taipei. In Tokyo, padlocks are everywhere. In the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo, a fountain is used on the 18th July boulevard and the Stockholm Westerberg Bridge. In Seoul, Korea, the padlocks pick them up on the Namsan Peak Tower.

Do not forget to take your camera - the panoramic site is a favorite spot for photos.

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